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SpiritClips Premiere Screening a Grand Success!

SpiritClips Los Angeles Premiere

SpiritClips Los Angeles Premiere

SpiritClips premiered 12 films from its heartwarming collection last month, drawing a crowd of over 350 attendees.

Among those present were actors Nancy Travis and David Shackelford (Sally); Grant Pastula, Kyle Archer, and Brendan Aguiar (Red); Alan Rachins (The Hospital Window); Peggy Lord Chilton, Harv Popick, and William Longstaff (The Fork); Jack Merrill, Sean Blodgett, and Jacquey Rosati (The Price of Miracles); James Tumminia and Bunok Kravitz (The Sign); Ben Cornish, Adam LeClair, and Joseph Tran (Indivisible); Eric Nenninger and Deborah Ann Woll (La Cachette).

Directors Sam Yousefian and Ramiro Cazaux (The Price of Miracles, The Little Frog, The Cracked Pot); Daric Loo (La Cachette); Tracy Britton (Miss Connie’s Last Day); and Matthew Kohnen (Indivisible, Montgomery) also attended.

Daniel Curran, subject of the documentary, Commencement, flew out from Julliard for the event and was moved by the number of people who responded to his story. Jesse Reich, who stars in The Gift of the Magi, also shared in the festivities.

SpiritClips tissue packets were given to guests as they entered the theatre, and during moving moments from the films, you could hear the crinkle of the packets being opened. The evening continued with a reception at the restaurant Palomino, where true to the vision of our company, audience members and filmmakers connected.