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Daily Inspiration #93: Major Brian Dennis and Nubs

Brian Dennis and Nubs Part 1

Brian Dennis and Nubs Part 2

Major Brian Dennis tells us how his dog Nubs trekked over 75 miles of the Iraqi desert to find him! Both now live in San Diego. Check out the book detailing their adventures –  Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle

Daily Inspiration #92: Classic Thanksgiving

Painted in 1945, but just as relevant today.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Look up more great paintings by many artists at Museum Syndicate

Daily Inspiration #91: Everyday Heroes Get Special Thanks on Thanksgiving

CNN will be announcing the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Thanksgiving night, this Thursday, Nov. 26.

10 extraordinary individuals have been nominated, and after reading their stories (and blogging about another nominee, Jordan Thomas, earlier this year), my vote goes to…

Jorge Munoz, a bus driver who runs a mobile food bank in Queens, New York. Though Jorge makes only $700 a week, he manages to deliver home cooked meals to up to 140 people in a need a night. Jorge is eager to point out, “compared to them I am rich”.

He’s been delivering meals since 2004 and by his account, has served over 70,000 meals.

We agree with CNN that it’s people like Jorge who deserve a special thanks this year.

Read more about Jorge and the other nominees at CNN

If you can, don’t forget to watch the CNN tribute to these heroes at 9PM EST on CNN! Perhaps it will inspire a hero in you.

Via Worldchanging

Daily Inspiration #90: Heavyweight King

This all you Got?

This all you Got?

Ding Jianjun of China strains to lift the weight during the snatch competition in the 62 kilograms (136.4 pounds) category of the World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang, South Korea on Saturday.

This pic was taken from this week’s MSNBC Sports

Daily Inspiration #89: Susan’s Dreams Came True

Susan Boyle has surprised her critics, yet again.

Susan Boyle’s debut album “I Dreamed a Dream” to be released on Monday, has produced pre order sales which are off the charts. Her album has the biggest CD pre-order sales in the history of global online retailer And that shouldn’t surprise many.

The 48 year old singer from Scotland, was an overnight sensation when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables on “Britain’s Got Talent,” which was watched by over 10 million viewers in April. Her audition set a new YouTube record racking up an astonishing 100 million hits, as tens of millions of fans and the curious flocked to the internet to hear what all the fuzz, I mean fuss was about.

Here is her moving rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” that won over so many:

Go, Susan!

Read more her debut album’s success at ABC News

Daily Inspiration #88: Exercising Improves the Body and the Brain

Here’s a reason to hit the gym:

A recent study by Princeton University shows that the neurons of subjects who exercise regularly respond differently to stress than those of the less active. The neurons created from running kept the subjects (rats, in this case) calm in the face of adversity.

For humans, this could mean that exercising may not only make you more fit, but will actually alter your brain positively. In the study, it took six weeks of exercise to see a difference.

You may not feel a magical reduction of stress after your first jog, if you haven’t been exercising. But the molecular biochemical changes will begin, Dr. Greenwood says. And eventually, he says, they become “profound.”

To show you how much a fun a treadmill can be, here is video from the Granbury High School talent show. (It’s a parody of the famous OK Go Treadmill video, which you can see here.)

Read the whole article about neuroscience and exercise at The New York Times

Daily Inspiration #87: Horse Play

Horse Play

Horse Play

Horse trainer Karen Murdock plays with her horse, Lukas, a 16-year-old, 1,200-pound thoroughbred gelding, in Walnut, Calif. Six years ago, Murdock helped her horse forget years of abuse and taught him tricks that have made the pair a popular Internet draw for school children and animal lovers alike.

This pic was taken from this week’s MSNBC Animal Tracks

Daily Inspiration #86: Young Girl Plays Soccer, For the Other Team

An adorable young girl goalies in a youth soccer league. She stops the other team from scoring, but see what happens next…

Daily Inspiration #85: Dad to Baby: Happy 1st Birthday, World Traveler

Seasoned Traveling Baby - Alex Faerber

Seasoned Travel Baby - Alex Faerber

WOW – I hear horror stories about parents traveling with children just on an airplane ride. I’d never imagine someone would actually bring his 1-year-old child with him all over the world!

“Alexander’s six teeth only number one more than the total of countries he’s rolled, crawled or walked in — including the U.S.

He’s logged nearly enough air miles to circle the globe. He’s been to mountains and the beach and sailed in the Caribbean.

Alex rode through the streets of Belfast with a former IRA Volunteer, was ejected from a Victorian pub and went to jail in Dublin. (To be honest and wreck Alex’s street cred, I must admit the IRA guy was just leading us on a tour; baby was barred from the pub because of an age limit, and the jail was the historic Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin.)”

Read the rest of this amazing story at MSNBC

Daily Inspiration #84: Friendship, Outside the Box

In what’s shaping up to be a very animal friendly week of inspirations, below is a video of the friendship between a parrot and a kitten. It’s not only heartwarming, but also quite funny. Enjoy!