Weekly Inspiration: Have a Lovely Evening


Imagine you go to a restaurant, have a delicious meal, great service and when you ask for the check you get a gold envelope, with a handwritten note on the outside that says “Have a Lovely Evening.” You open the envelope, waiting to find the check but inside  you find a note card that says “In the spirit of generosity, someone who came before you made a gift of this meal. We hope you will continue the circle of giving in your own way!”

This is how a little restaurant in Berkeley, California, is trying to reinvent a true restaurant experience. The staff consists of volunteers, and the guests often end up signing up as volunteers after learning how truly wonderful this restaurant is. Your meal costs $0, however many guests make contributions in the spirit of “pay it forward” to those who will come after them. As if all of this is not enough, the net profits are turned over to a charity organization, that funnels funds to other “gift economy” activities. Some might say it is about love, about making the world a better place or simply being certain that giving is the best reward.
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2 responses to “Weekly Inspiration: Have a Lovely Evening”

  1. Elizabeth says :

    Truly paying it forword! We need more of these activities. We are all part of the same world. Random acts of kindness are really wonderful! I really like that they give the proceeds to charity. Heartwarming-Thanks for submitting this.

    • nare says :

      Thank you Elizabeth :). So true, we are all part of the same world and a simple gesture brings the world together. I think this random act of kindness makes people understand that we are all dependent on each other and only with gratitude we can give back goodness to the world.

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