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Weekly Inspiration: Forever Entwined

Forever EntwinedWe have received a beautiful, inspirational story submitted by our member Rose McClellan about her husband. I want to share it with you and I hope that this story will make you believe that love never dies. Please do not hesitate to leave Rose a comment after reading her story. I am sure she would love to hear from you.

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Weekly Inspiration: A Victim Treats his Mugger with Dinner

Julio Diaz
Julio’s mother once told her son “You’re the type of kid that if someone asked you for the time, you gave them your watch.” It is a very good description of Julio Diaz, a 31 year old social worker from New York.

It was just another evening for Julio but it took an unexpected turn. He stepped of the train to go to his favorite diner, when a teenage boy approached and pulled out a knife. Julio gave the boy his wallet, and as the robber started walking away, Julio offered the boy his jacket to keep him warm. The robber looked very surprised from this act of kindness and Julio told him “If you’re willing to risk your freedom for a few dollars, then I guess you must really need the money. I mean, all I wanted to do was get dinner and if you really want to join me … hey, you’re more than welcome.”  The robber joined Julio for dinner and by the end of the dinner he returned Julio’s wallet and even handed him the knife.

As Julio Diaz says “If you treat people right, you can only hope that they treat you right. It’s as simple as it gets in this complicated world.” I hope we all will learn from this man and understand that every human being needs another chance and with love everything is positive. I am sure that Julio’s act has changed the young man forever and taught him much better lesson than a jail sentence would.

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Need some inspiration? Read “Keep Going” a beautiful story about a father teaching his son to ride a bike by SpiritClips member Bettina. It was the inspiration for SpiritClips film Training Wheels!


Charlie sat on the front step of his house, wondering why everything was moving too fast. Today was the day. His 1987 Mazda, a hunk of metal that’s been through good and bad and worse, stood with all his belongings loaded in the backseat and on the roof. His entire bedroom fit into this tiny car, and it terrified him. 

Ring-ring! Ring-ring! The sound of a bicycle bell caught his attention, and not far away, Charlie saw a little girl biking down the street. Charlie smiled a little, remembering when his dad taught him how to bike. His dad said: “Tell you what. If you think you’re gonna lose balance, just ring this bell-” he rang it as so- “And I’ll catch you from behind. Okay?”

He was probably seven then. Maybe younger. The scary part was not knowing whether or not he was going to fall. Not knowing if he was going to make it. But Charlie had the bell. If anything went wrong, dad wouldn’t be far behind. “That’s it!” Dad would yell as he pedaled faster and faster. “Keep going!”

And Charlie did. It surprised him that he never once had to ring that bell.

“Ready to go?”

Dad startled Charlie out of his daydream. He stood over him with a broad smile, but solemn eyes. It wasn’t long before mom came out of the house as well, scooping Charlie up into a hug as if he were two. 

“Oh,” mom said through misty eyes. “You’re gonna do so well! Your boss is going to be very happy he hired you.”

“I hope so.” Charlie sighed. He looked at his dad, feeling his insides melt. “Think I can hack it, dad?”

His dad stepped closer, laying a hand on his shoulder. It was big, strong and kind. After all these years, it hadn’t changed at all. 

“Charlie, you’re gonna do better than hack it,” dad said. “I know. I’ve watched you get here, and you’re gonna keep going.”

It hit hard- realizing how well dad knew everything even when Charlie hardly said a word. All Charlie could do was throw his arms around the man who was always there. His dad hugged him back, and suddenly the day seemed more bearable.

Charlie got into his car and quickly started the engine before he lost his nerve. He rolled his window halfway down. “Bye!” He yelled.

“Bye!” His parents returned, and mom added: “Don’t forget to call!”

He assured her he wouldn’t, and was about to back out of the driveway when his dad knocked on the window. He had a small wrapped box in his hand.

“For your desk!” Dad said. 

Charlie took the box, and waved one last time before getting on the road. As he approached a stop sign at an intersection of their neighborhood, Charlie glanced at the passenger seat where his dad’s gift sat. He grabbed it and carefully opened the lid.

He lost his breath at the object inside:

The bicycle bell.

He laughs and feels his eyes prickle. Gazing through the rearview mirror, he sees his dad still standing on their driveway, watching. 

With a smile, Charlie moves his eyes away from what’s behind him and focuses on the road ahead.