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Valentine’s Day

Out of 365 days of the year we dedicate 1 day to Love and call it “Valentine’s Day.” The day is named after St. Valentine, who lived near Rome in 270AD. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius II outlawed Christianity and marriages because he wished to be worshiped as the supreme God and he believed that married men made bad soldiers as they were hesitant to leave their families if there was a war,so he issued a decree that marriages were forbidden. St. Valentine was against this law because he believed that the people should be free to love and to marry- so in secret, he performed marriage ceremonies for couples in love. When Claudius II finds out, he sends St. Valentine to prison and gives an order for St. Valentine to be beheaded on Feb. 14. While in prison waiting for his sentence to be carried out, St. Valentine falls in love with a blind girl, daughter of one of the prisoners who very often comes to visit her father. On February 14, St. Valentine spends his last minutes sending dandelions and a note to the blind girl. When the blind girl receives the flowers, a miracle occurs-from the immense light of love she regains her vision. She reads the farewell note signed “From your Valentine.”

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Close to 15 million people tuned in to watch the screening of Hallmark’s new film The Lost Valentine. The film is starring Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The Lost Valentine centers around Betty White’s character, Caroline, a woman whose husband was a Navy pilot in World War II. Before he left for war, he said goodbye to her at Union Station.

Every year for 65 years on the anniversary of their goodbye, Caroline returns to Union Station to remember her beloved husband. Decades later, a TV reporter (Jennifer Love Hewitt) investigates the circumstances of Caroline’s husband’s death – and, in the process, finds love for herself.

If you have missed the screening of this wonderful and touching film on CBS, you may watch it at This week only, you may watch the VOD for $1.99. Premium Members can watch it for free!