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Homeless man donates thousands to a banker

Homeless man

Only a year ago everything was going well for a banker named Sandy and her 10 year old son. But then the world came crashing down around the 39-year-old. She lost her job. She lost her house. And she and her son moved into her truck. Police found her and threatened to take away her son if she didn’t find a safe place to stay.

She moved into a hotel with the help of a social worker but very soon she completely ran out of money. That’s when Sandy’s angel appeared, and he’s kept showing up, every day, paying her hotel bill, so she and her son can stay off the streets. Curtis Jackson is not a rich man. He isn’t living in a Loop highrise. He doesn’t even have a job. He has been homeless since 2004. He pays for Sandy’s hotel room because she used to treat him with dignity and kindness when she did have a house — and he pays for it by panhandling and giving the money to her.

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“I’ll marry you on your 100th birthday”

100th bday marriage

‘I’ll marry you on your 100th birthday,’ this was the answer when Forrest Lunsway asked Rose Pollard to marry him. After 30 years since their first dance together Forrest wed the woman of his dreams on his 100th birthday. The couple met in 1980 at a senior center dance and fell in love. They stayed together for years, having adventures and enjoying life. They had both been married before and had lost spouses in death. Rose’s first marriage was a good one, and her husband had been sick for a long time before he died. She never thought she would remarry, but as Forrest’s 100th birthday approached, Rose remembered her promise. The pair is on track to secure a Guinness World Record for being the oldest couple to marry.

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