Archive | July 2011

A Mother’s Final Wish

Tanya SneadTanya Snead, a 29-year-old mother from Virginia, is suffering from terminal cancer. This fourth of July, Tanya couldn’t watch the fireworks with her three year old son because of an emergency surgery. Thanks to the Scottsville Fire Department, Tanya and her son were able to watch a whole fireworks show created just for them take place right above their house. The generosity of the Scottsville Fire Department created a memory that Tanya (and friends and family) won’t soon forget.

Watch the moment here.

The Gift of Education

Compton ContestantsWhen a handful of students in Compton, California were chosen to participate in a competition that could win them a $40,000 scholarship for college, they jumped (literally) at the opportunity. All they had to do was make a free throw on the basketball court and the money was theirs. Allen Geui successfully made the free throw and won the money. But when he was offered a full scholarship to Cal-State Northridge, he divided his winnings evenly among the other seven students that participated but did not win. His kind act provided seven other students with the opportunity to pursue further education, and Allen feels “it was the right decision”.

Read more about Allen’s decision here.