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Dog mourns the death of Navy Seal

They say “the dog is a man’s best friend” and Navy Seal’s funeral proved this once again. Jon Tumilson was killed at Afghanistan on August 6. He was mourned at a service in Rockford, Iowa, attended by 1,500 family members, friends–and Hawkeye, Tumilson’s dog. Hawkeye was so close with Jon, that he often was called “son” rather than “dog.”

When Tumilson’s friend Scott Nichols walked to the front of the room to speak, Hawkeye followed and dutifully laid down near the casket of Jon.

You can read the full story and watch the video at dog

Little Boy Wants the World to Recognize his Fallen Father

The story of a 10-year-old who posted an iReport honoring his dad who died in the recent Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan has touched many people’s hearts.
It was Braydon Nichols’ desire that his dad not just be another faceless casualty in the nearly decade-long war. The boy wanted the world to see his father’s face, just as news reports showed the faces of other soldiers who lost their lives in the crash. So on his iReport, Braydon posted a picture of Army Chief Warrant Officer Bryan Nichols, a pilot, in his jump uniform sitting next to other soldiers.
“Braydon wanted people to know that Bryan was a daddy and a good daddy,” his mother told.

A Little Girl’s Legacy

Rachel's Birthday WishFor her 9th birthday, Rachel Beckwith didn’t want presents. She wanted to raise $300 for people in need of clean water. She was only $80 short of her goal when she was killed in a deadly interstate pile up. When people found out about the accident, word spread about Rachel’s fundraising efforts. People were inspired to donate, and donate generously, to Rachel’s cause. In less than a month, over 22,000 people have donated $800,000 to the cause. And Rachel got her birthday wish.

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