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Daniel the Dog Defies Death

On October 3rd five year old Daniel the dog was sentenced to his death along with 18 other dogs in an overcrowded animal shelter in Florence, Alabama.  When the animal control officer came back to the locked gas chamber when the operation was complete, he found Daniel waiting at the door wagging his tail.  All of the other dogs were dead. Not only was Daniel alive, he was completely healthy.

His story has caused several charity groups come to his side to make sure he is never sent back the the gas chambers.  His new foster parents named him Daniel after the biblical story of Daniel, who walked out of a lion’s den completely unharmed.   Now that Daniel has reached celebrity status he will have no problem finding a permanent home and has hundreds of applicants wishing to adopt him.

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Mom Earns College Degree 23 yrs after Memory Loss

23 years ago Su Meck was in a freak accident that seemed like something that could only happen in a movie.  After being struck by a ceiling fan she was left with retrograde amnesia, a condition which kept her completely unable to remember the past.  She had absolutely no recollection of her sons, her husband, or any of the past 22 years of her life.  After the accident she was left at the level of a toddler and had to spend 2 months in the hospital learning basic tasks and reading.

The first part of her road to recovery was very difficult.  She awoke each morning unable to remember who the people in her house were.  She would look at photos of her own childhood and not remember any of it.  Meck started using education as a way to battle her confusion.  In order to regain her reading skills, she started volunteering at the school library, where she would learn along with her children.  Three years ago she started taking remedial math and sociology classes at Montgomery College, utilizing the help of her children who were also in college. She recently received her associate’s degree and even graduated with honors proving that perseverance can help overcome almost any challenge in life.

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100 Year Old Marathoner Finishes Race

100 year old  Fauja Singh proves that age is just a number and sets no limitations.  He became the oldest person to finish a full distance marathon this past Sunday in Toronto, which gained him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.  As he neared the finish line family, friends and supporters gathered to congratulate him.  Furthermore, he completed the race beating his original prediction, which only added to his joy. This was Singh’s eighth marathon, his first being completed when he was 89.  Singh has no plans of slowing down in the near future; he hopes his next project will be as a participant in the 2012 London Games torch relay.

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