Review of New SpiritClips Roku Channel

If you’re looking for inspiring films with a positive message, or family-friendly movies and shorts, SpiritClips provides plenty of uplifting content.

RokuGuide Review: If you’re looking for inspiring films with a positive message, or family-friendly movies and shorts, SpiritClips provides plenty of uplifting content. SpiritClips was founded by Rob Fried, the Academy Award-winning producer of Rudy, which is ranked by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 most inspiring films of all time. As told on the SpiritClips website, Fried “established SpiritClips with a mission to produce films with messages about character and strength of human spirit that would inspire the behavior and attitude of not only my family, but people around the world.”

The SpiritClips channel offers a large number of high-quality videos produced by SpiritClips, along with movies, documentaries, speeches, and shorts from other producers such as Hallmark Hall of Fame. If you are not a SpiritClips subscriber, you can sample the offerings by watching three short films, each under five minutes in length. Subscribers can access the entire video library where videos are arranged under four general categories:

  • Short Films – 80 short films that are generally under 30 minutes in length, with most being closer to 5 to 10 minutes. Browse all short films, or pick from the categories of live action, animated, and documentary. You can also browse by genre (drama, historical, military, kids, social & cultural, spiritual, sports), or by content provider.
  • Full-Length Movies – Over five-dozen films. Again, you can browse all movies, or select from live action, documentary, or Hallmark Hall of Fame. You can also browse by genre (drama, social & cultural, romance, historical, military, family, sports) or by content provider.
  • Speeches/Talks and Sermons – The Speeches/Talks category includes 23 videos, including a six-part Zig Ziglar presention on the qualities of success. All but one of the remaining videos are TED Talks. The Sermons category consists of a half-dozen short (under five minutes) videos from a variety of speakers.
  • SpiritClips Originals – These are the videos produced by SpiritClips, but they are also presented under other selections, such as Short Films, where they are included with videos from other content producers.

The content selection is well worth the price, especially if SpiritClips continues to add additional content to the Roku channel. There is no “new releases” category on the Roku channel, but subscribers can check the SpiritClips website to keep up with additions to the film library. SpiritClips also sends out a weekly e-mail to their subscribers with information on new releases.

If I had to make a suggestion for improvement, I would like to see better organization of the films in the SpiritClips menu. For example, if you’re browsing all short films, Parts 3, 4, and 5 of Faith at the Gulfare followed by a five-part series on Haiti, then by Part 2 and finally Part 1 of the Faith at the Gulf series. This is made worse by the use of the old-style menu that requires extended left-right scrolling instead of the newer grid format. But that is a minor complaint and certainly not a reason to second-guess adding SpiritClips to your Roku channel lineup.

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