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Life Is Beautiful At SpiritClips


“Life Is Beautiful” is not about Nazis and Fascists, but about the human spirit. It is about rescuing whatever is good and hopeful from the wreckage of dreams. About hope for the future. About the necessary human conviction, or delusion, that things will be better for our children than they are right now.” Roger Ebert, Film Critic

There are movies that change people’s lives – heartwarming and inspirational films like Life Is Beautiful, Cinema Paradiso, Enchanted April, Good Will Hunting, Little Buddha, The Mighty, and Pride of the Yankees to name a few. These major motion pictures and more are now playing on SpiritClips!

Why did we choose them to be part of our family of films? Because they’re the kind of films that might just help you see the good during the worst of times, or inspire you to take a risk for love, or send you off on a holiday that could change your life forever, and maybe even teach you how to hit the ball out of the park over and over again.

That’s what we strive for at SpiritClips from Hallmark. Sure, we could present you with entertainment that is certainly entertaining but is it life affirming, does it make you feel, make you think, and stay with you even when it’s long over – probably not. And, lets face, Life Is Beautiful so why not celebrate it every chance you get – with SpiritClips from Hallmark.

Enjoy inspirational, heartwarming, feel good movies online on SpiritClips.

Major Hollywood Films Now On SpiritClips!

Now, for the very first time, major Hollywood motion pictures are available on SpiritClips. For years, we’ve combed through Hollywood film vaults to find inspiring films from around the world, films that celebrate human strength, imagination, and love. It’s an honor to bring you timeless classics like Good Will Hunting, Cinema Paradiso, Life is Beautiful, Enchanted April, Little Buddha, Pride of the Yankees, and many, many more. These films are just the first of many that we will be adding to our carefully curated collection in the coming months. We love these movies so much, and we’re so happy to share them with you.

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