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Gratitude InspireWire Release


November is a time dedicated to sharing and today SpiritClips would love to share our newest InspireWire addition. Thanksgiving was originally deemed a day to give thanks for the blessings of the years harvest and for the preceding year but it is also associated with family, friends, reunions and thankfulness, as shown in Gratitude. This months SpiritClips original series of InspireWire exemplifies the benefits of having a “gratitude attitude”, an attitude focused on expressing appreciation towards the people and things we are glad to have in our lives. The featured clips shown in Gratitude share the expressions of a 10-year-old boy finding his lost cat, a father excited about a precious gift, a young child who truly embodies the “gratitude attitude” and a man who treks 86 days through the South Pole alone. Perspective is an important thing to note and realize while going throughout your day and these genuine reactions of our SpiritClippers prove how small things can truly go a long, long way.

One habit SpiritClips would love to recommend would be to keep a gratitude journal, daily or monthly. Keeping track of the great moments in your life has proven to boost your immune systems, help cope with stress and increase levels of happiness.

What are you grateful for? We’d love to share your story with our followers. Send us your videos and inspiring moments to 

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Gratitude InspireWire

Everyone at SpiritClips would love to wish you and your loved ones a HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!