The Educational Benefits of TV Shows for Kids

At Feeln, we offer many kids shows that educate as well as entertain. We have documentaries that teach kids about wildlife, environments, and outer space and foster a sense of wonder and discovery. We have kids shows online that encourage kids to think critically and solve mysteries. Here are five shows available on Feeln that are education focused:


1. The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans

The Blue Planet

Filmed over 5 years in 200 spots around the globe, this series captures the remarkable varieties of life cohabitating in our oceans. The show teaches kids about the underwater world and will fill them with wonder.


2. Busytown Mysteries

Busytown Mysteries

Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm and all the busy friends from Busytown use their detective skills to solve many fun mysteries in their neighborhood. This show inspires kids to put on their thinking caps to solve problems in Busytown.


3. 24/7 Wild

24/7 Wild

Lion, tigers, and bears! This BBC series follows different animals in every episode. This show gives kids an up-close look at the lives of different animals around the planet.


4. Liberty’s Kids

Liberty's Kids

Three kids from different countries learn about friendship and cultural differences as they write about their adventures during the Revolutionary War for Ben Franklin’s newspaper, The Philadelphia Gazette. All the key moments of the revolution are experienced by James, an American newspaper apprentice who writes stories for the paper; Sarah, the British daughter of an explorer who writes to her mother everyday; and Henri, their young French friend who has a charming way of finding trouble. Brush up on your early American history while introducing your kids to one of our nation’s most important periods in this highly acclaimed series.


5. Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey


Take a trip around the sun to discover how the tilt and movement of the Earth creates seasons, tides, and weather disasters. This show gives kids a sense of outer space and explains how the Earth’s movement affects everyday life.

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About Steven Tagle

Steven Tagle has been published in Spork and The Rumpus, and his documentaries have aired on Current TV. The recipient of a 2013 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, he studies fiction writing in the University of Massachusetts Amherst MFA Program for Poets and Writers.

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