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Behind the Scenes of What I Love About This City: New York: A Feeln Original

This week, we are proud to present the second installment of the Feeln Original Series, What I Love About This City, available exclusively at In each episode, locals share the joys and challenges of living in their city. For our second episode, Film and Animation Editor Mariana Flores (“What I Love About This City: Los Angeles“, “Baby Owl“)  and Film Editor Shane Patterson explore the Big Apple: New York City.

“I lived in New York when I was 5 or 6, but I lived in Long Island,” Mariana said. “Ice skating in Rockefeller Center is my only memory.”

What I Love About This City: New York

Mariana and her fiancé Shane set out to capture the spirit of New York, from Broadway and Times Square to the Bronx Zoo, from the rebuilt Coney Island boardwalk to the Statue of Liberty on Staten Island and the forests of Central Park.

Their guide on this trip was Brandon, an actor who has lived in New York for 10 years. “Brandon helped us plan our trip so we could see most of the boroughs in 4 days,” Mariana said. “As an actor, he was also really good at getting people to talk in front of the camera. I was nervous about that, but people were honest and open and had great things to say. They had a different attitude than people in LA, but not a negative one.”

What I Love About This City: New York

“Central Park was my favorite place in New York,” Mariana said. “I had no idea how big it was. It felt like I was in a forest, a place I could get lost in. Coney Island was another highlight. The beach was gorgeous, completely rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy. And it’s just a 20-minute train ride from Manhattan. Who knew you could live in the city and have such easy access to the beach?”

“The next cities I’d like to visit are Miami, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, and Portland,” Mariana said. “People often focus on the negative aspects of living in a big city, so I want people to see cities through the eyes of the people who live there, the people who know them best. I want to motivate people to explore their own city or others.”

What I Love About This City: New York

What I Love About This City: New York” is available to watch for free for two weeks on Feeln. Want to suggest a city or invite us to explore your city? Email Mariana at to tell us where we should go next!

9 Printable Rainbow Brite Valentine’s Day Cards

In a last-minute rush to get your loved ones some super-cool Valentine’s Day cards? Never fear: Rainbow Brite and the gang are here!

Let your Valentine know you care with one of the 9 character cards below. All you have to do is download the cards (using the link below), print them out and add your name and message to the back.

May you have a colorful and Brite Valentine’s Day!

Download front of Valentine’s Day cards.

Download back of Valentine’s Day cards.


‘The Breakfast Club’ Turns 30: Where Are The Stars Now?

Can you believe it’s been 30 years since a Brain, an Athlete, a Basket Case, a Princess, and a Criminal were forces to spend their Saturday in detention? John Hughes’s high school classic THE BREAKFAST CLUB was released on February 15, 1985, and it turned it’s five young stars into legends. Each one of them is still very active today, so find out what they’re all up to currently, and don’t you forget about them.

Judd Nelson

JuddNelson-BeforeJudd Nelson After 01

Then: John Bender, the Criminal

Now: Nelson has a recurring role as music exec Billy Baretti in the new hit TV drama “Empire” on Fox, and will appear in four films coming this year.

Ally Sheedy

Ally Sheedy Before 01Ally Sheedy After 03

Then: Allison Reynolds, the Basket Case

Now: Sheedy most recently played the lead in the TV movie “Client Seduction,” and she appeared on several episodes of the series “Psych.”

Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez - Before 01 Emilio Estevez After 01

Then: Andrew “Andy” Clarke, the Athlete

Now:  Estevez has been acting and directing, including the horse racing drama “Johnny Longshot” and 2010’s “The Way” starring his father Martin Sheen.

Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald - Before 01 Molly Rinwald After 01

Then: Claire Standish, the Princess

Now: In addition to a second career as a jazz singer, Ringwald continues to act, co-starring in the upcoming “Jem and the Holograms” movie and providing the voice of the Dark Princess in the Feeln Original Series, RAINBOW BRITE.

Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael BeforeAnthony Michael 02

Then: Brian Ralph Johnson, the Brain

Now: Hall can currently be seen in the film “Foxcatcher,” which has been nominated for 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture.

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