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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Rob Fried, Founder & CEO of SpiritClips

Rob Fried, Founder & CEO of SpiritClips

In 2002, a friend sent a touching email story about a little girl seeking to purchase a miracle to save her ill brother. It occurred to me that this beautiful story could make a terrific animated short film – one that would not only entertain, but also inspire. This email was the impetus for SpiritClips, an online community centered on inspirational films and stories dedicated to universal themes of compassion, hope, courage, and strength.

When the boom in Internet video followed in 2006, I recalled that idea and saw a timely opportunity to form a venture devoted to sharing the messages of such stories through film. SpiritClips is that endeavor, and “The Price of Miracles” is the SpiritClips film based upon that email.

My second impetus for creating SpiritClips emerged from the idea of directly connecting audiences with filmmakers. As a veteran of the entertainment industry, I know that Hollywood is a place with tall barriers to entry. Unless you have personal connections or a very thick skin, the walls that surround the studios can be very difficult to penetrate. Even for those few that are successful, the audience with whom they want to communicate can feel like a very remote entity. However, thanks to the Internet, the opportunity now exists for artists to connect directly with their audience without the noise of a studio or other third parties altering their original message. SpiritClips is designed to be a place where the writers, actors, and crew who created these films can respond to the questions and thoughts of viewers and online visitors, and where the audience can contribute their own stories and ideas to the creative process in return.

The third and most significant reason I founded this company is more personal. My wife and I have two wonderful children, now ages 10 and 6. Together, we spend each day striving to teach them consistent values, provide meaning to their lives, and inspire them as they grow up. We hope that the messages about character and strength of human spirit that embody SpiritClips reflect the behaviors and attitudes towards life that our kids – and kids everywhere – might choose to emulate.

It is my hope that you are moved to share these works with your friends, family, classmates, congregants, students, or whoever holds a special place in your heart, and that you come back to share your own stories and ideas with us all.

With sincere gratitude,

Rob Fried
Founder and CEO

3 responses to “Rob’s Story”

  1. John Settles says :

    I think the clips are fabulous and would love to put them on our website and Facebook Fan Page.



  2. Vi Kanavel says :

    Thank you for doing this kind of highly moral programs. There is entirely too mUch garbage out there. I have been looking for this kind of Thing for a long time. I wish you all of the Lord’s blessings on you and yours. Have a happy day, Vi Kanavel

  3. Kevin Ryan says :

    Thanks Rob, your work, dedication and goals are a blessing to us all. The minute I came across your web site I sent an email out to family and friends saying: “Once in awhile I come across a really great web site. This is one. Enjoy”

    Thanks to you and all who make spiritclips possible,


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