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Dove Foundation Endorses SpiritClips Originals

(As published on Christian Cinema)


Dove Rating
Dove Family-Approved
Suitable for all ages

Dove Worldview | Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter

Wow! This is one terrific DVD which will inspire anyone who watches it. “Spirit Clips” will raise your spirits and inspire you to believe in miracles, if you don’t already.

The DVD features twelve clips, running approximately three to four minutes each. In the first clip, titled “Sally”, a waitress is having a bad day and one particular customer is giving her grief. However, one simple man, a kind customer, makes her day. Without plot spoiling we can say that each clip stands out. The twelve clips include the titles “Sally”, “Hospital Window”, “The Little Frog”, “The Fork”, “Red”, “The Cracked Pot”, “La Cachete”, “The Sign”, “The Price of Miracles”, “The Gift of the Magi”, “Commencement”, and finally “Montgomery”. A few of these are animated, “The Little Frog”, “The Cracked Pot” and “The Price of Miracles”. In “Commencement” we get a woman’s testimony in a documentary fashion, a wonderful story about a battle she faced when her son Daniel was a teen and had cancer, but how the ending was much happier than the beginning.

My personal favorites are “Sally” and “The Fork”, which reveals a miracle to a woman more than forty years after she thought there was no hope regarding someone close to her. These stories just may bring a tear to your eye as they are excellently portrayed in story form and embrace topics everyone can relate to. We are pleased to award five Doves to this DVD, and that’s as high as we go! This one is inspirational in the truest sense of the word.


Actress Nancy Travis (Last Man Standing) on ‘The View’

SpiritClips Originals ‘Sally‘ Star, Nancy Travis, chats about on The View

Nancy Travis Photo

Actress Nancy Travis


Our dear friend, Nancy Travis (Last Man Standing, The Bill Engvall Show, Becker,) made a guest appearance on ABC’s The View to chat about her new role on ABC’s Last Man Standing with Tim Allen, motherhood over the holidays, and about her and her sons’ work on the SpiritClips Originals, Sally and Miss Connie’s Last Day.

Nancy’s son, Benjamin Fried, appeared with her in Sally, a SpiritClips Originals film written and produced by her husband, Rob Fried. Her younger son, Jeremy Fried, appeared in the SpiritClips Originals film, Miss Connie’s Last Day, also written and produced by his father, Rob Fried.

PLAY VIDEO to watch Nancy Travis’s appearance on The View. (Video courtesy of ABC Television & The View.)


SpiritClips on

From Project Kinect with Gregg Potter:

I came across Spirit Clips earlier this week when it was talked about on The View.  This mission is directly from their website. is a content subscription service delivering original and acquired films that inspire and entertain audiences of all ages. We also offer our members a wealth of quality personal and professional development content aimed at enhancing positive living. From viewing Hallmark Hall of Fame movies online to watching TED Talks on mobile devices, SpiritClips meets the demand of subscribers seeking positive messages.

I am glad to have found such a website and am happy to share it here on Project Kinect.  The human connection is so important and a company that supports that, as well as enhancing positive living is so incredible.  Spend some time on the website and just soak it in and above all, share it.

This is one of the short films that was made by Spirit Clips.  It really portrays what we always seem to forget as humans: You never know where generosity and kindness will come from so don’t judge!

Due to the embeded code being private, here is the link.  It is definitley worth the click and the opening of a new window.

…………………………….. A program that is focused solely on getting to know someone else:  Either through conversation, service, or swinging door education



The Spirit Is Willing – Interview with Rob Fried

Catherine Clinch’s Media Grazing: The Spirit Is Willing

You know you’ve said it to yourself a thousand times. It’s a great weapon in the toolbox that enables us to manage the endless rounds of rejection we all face in Hollywood. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” When Albert Einstein uttered those words, he empowered us all to self-identify as great spirits. But what, exactly, is required of one to achieve the designation with authenticity?

Rob Fried fits easily into the category. In the first chapters of his career, Fried earned an MBA from Columbia University following an undergraduate degree from Cornell. He jumped onto the studio executive fast track and served as President of Savoy Pictures, Executive Vice President of Columbia Pictures and as an Executive at Orion. He produced and/or executive produced “Collateral,” “Rudy,” “Godzilla,” “Man of the Year,” “Boondock Saints,” and many others. Then, his career got interesting.

It’s possible the Oscar that he (and Seth Winston) won in 1992 for “Session Man,” a dramatic short subject, inspired Fried to give greater thought to the short film as an effective medium to reach people. After marrying actress Nancy Travis and having two sons, Fried longed for a different existence that was more satisfying and peaceful. So he shifted his creative energies from long form to the short and redirected his career toward the challenge of uplifting the daily experience of your life. He launched and began to both produce and curate inspirational short films that encourage you to “watch, feel and share.”

“You’re on a treadmill as a producer,” Fried explains. “It becomes difficult to express yourself.” Acknowledging the fact that “the whole project is sort of a rebellious move in itself,” Fried doesn’t care what people in the industry think about what he is doing. “What I really care about is making Spirit Clips as good a service as we can make it.” His goal is to create stories that touch people. “We tell the stories we love and that we think will have a positive impact on the lives of our viewers.” He believes that by combining high quality story content with state of the art tools of filmmaking and technology he can help people improve their emotional and spiritual existence.

Fried doesn’t know the economics of any particular short. “We just make or license the films and offer them to people on our website. We don’t sell the films. It’s a membership subscription system.” A significant percentage of his subscribers are teachers and clergy members who discuss the films in their classrooms and their sermons. Often, parents watch the short films with their children and use them as a starting point for the important discussions that many families overlook in our chaotic society. The rest of his subscribers are people who enjoy the kind of entertainment that makes them feel good about the world and the positive impact they can make.

How’s it working out for Rob Fried? “I feel better every day than I’ve ever felt. I like what I do and so I’m rolling with it.” How many of us can honestly say that?

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Review of New SpiritClips Roku Channel

If you’re looking for inspiring films with a positive message, or family-friendly movies and shorts, SpiritClips provides plenty of uplifting content.

RokuGuide Review: If you’re looking for inspiring films with a positive message, or family-friendly movies and shorts, SpiritClips provides plenty of uplifting content. SpiritClips was founded by Rob Fried, the Academy Award-winning producer of Rudy, which is ranked by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 most inspiring films of all time. As told on the SpiritClips website, Fried “established SpiritClips with a mission to produce films with messages about character and strength of human spirit that would inspire the behavior and attitude of not only my family, but people around the world.”

The SpiritClips channel offers a large number of high-quality videos produced by SpiritClips, along with movies, documentaries, speeches, and shorts from other producers such as Hallmark Hall of Fame. If you are not a SpiritClips subscriber, you can sample the offerings by watching three short films, each under five minutes in length. Subscribers can access the entire video library where videos are arranged under four general categories:

  • Short Films – 80 short films that are generally under 30 minutes in length, with most being closer to 5 to 10 minutes. Browse all short films, or pick from the categories of live action, animated, and documentary. You can also browse by genre (drama, historical, military, kids, social & cultural, spiritual, sports), or by content provider.
  • Full-Length Movies – Over five-dozen films. Again, you can browse all movies, or select from live action, documentary, or Hallmark Hall of Fame. You can also browse by genre (drama, social & cultural, romance, historical, military, family, sports) or by content provider.
  • Speeches/Talks and Sermons – The Speeches/Talks category includes 23 videos, including a six-part Zig Ziglar presention on the qualities of success. All but one of the remaining videos are TED Talks. The Sermons category consists of a half-dozen short (under five minutes) videos from a variety of speakers.
  • SpiritClips Originals – These are the videos produced by SpiritClips, but they are also presented under other selections, such as Short Films, where they are included with videos from other content producers.

The content selection is well worth the price, especially if SpiritClips continues to add additional content to the Roku channel. There is no “new releases” category on the Roku channel, but subscribers can check the SpiritClips website to keep up with additions to the film library. SpiritClips also sends out a weekly e-mail to their subscribers with information on new releases.

If I had to make a suggestion for improvement, I would like to see better organization of the films in the SpiritClips menu. For example, if you’re browsing all short films, Parts 3, 4, and 5 of Faith at the Gulfare followed by a five-part series on Haiti, then by Part 2 and finally Part 1 of the Faith at the Gulf series. This is made worse by the use of the old-style menu that requires extended left-right scrolling instead of the newer grid format. But that is a minor complaint and certainly not a reason to second-guess adding SpiritClips to your Roku channel lineup.

SpiritClips wins Telly Award!

telly award

And the winner is…!  We are pleased to share with you the exciting news that SpiritClips has received two prestigious Telly Awards acknowledging outstanding achievement.  The Silver Telly award is the Telly’s highest honor.  The SpiritClips honored are:

Montgomery (Education Category)

The Cracked Pot (Animation category)

Founded in 1978, the Telly Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions, and web commercials, videos and films. The Telly Awards annually showcases the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world. The Telly Awards is a widely known and highly respected national and international competition and receives over 11,000 entries annually from all 50 states and many foreign countries.

Why not check out & share these two films right now and see what all the fuss is about?!  To celebrate, we’re offering you 10% off of a premium membership this month if you purchase/upgrade using these film’s links above.  So take a bow, and accept this award right along side us!

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SpiritClips nominated for Mom’s Choice Award + finalist for Website of the Year!

Mom's Choice Award

Mom's Choice Award

SpiritClips has been nominated for a 2010 Mom’s Choice Award and is a finalist for Website of the Year!

The Mom’s Choice Awards is known for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. This annual competition recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media products and services.

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Fashionable Giving Review: SpiritClips is Designed to Make You Smile

FashionableGivingIn her blog “Fashionable Giving”, Kathy Ketels-Lichtig gives a rave review:

One of the best features at SpiritClips is the ability to send an inspiring eCard with a short film (FilmCard).  It’s quick way to send a thoughtful message to someone who’s on your mind, using their easy-to-navigate website.  The hardest part is choosing ONE from the many great clips!  But never fear, they have some suggestions in the navigation bars to help narrow the selection!  Some are free to send, others require a membership with a pretty reasonable monthly fee. Most of the clips are under 5 minutes (looks like the average is 2 -3 min) and are definitely designed to make you smile.

Read the rest of Kathy’s review at Fashionable Giving

Yahoo! Kids – “Review: SpiritClips”

Yahoo! Kids

Yahoo! Kids

“Watch ‘The Little Frog,’ one of the kid-friendly shorts from SpiritClips.

On Yahoo! Kids this week, we’re featuring a charming animated short film, “The Little Frog,” provided by SpiritClips, a creative alternative to traditional ecard sites. Instead of sending static or animated ecards, SpiritClips lets you send theatrical-quality short films as personalized “FilmCards.”  Each FilmCard is ad-free and recipients can watch them full-screen.

Sending a FilmCard costs $2.99 per recipient–but the real value comes with premium membership.  For $20 a year, members can send unlimited FilmCards and view all SpiritClip films in its big-screen theater. Other membership benefits include an address book, the ability to upload images to personalize cards and community features.

The brainchild of Academy Award-winning producer Rob Fried (whose films include the touching classic “Rudy”), SpiritClips’ mission is to create “high-quality, inspirational content that can be watched, felt, and shared worldwide.”

I viewed several previews of SpiritClip films. They’re definitely head-and-shoulders above most Web-based shorts–heartwarming, with meaningful messages and just the ticket for this Valentine season.”

Read the article at Yahoo! Kids