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Yahoo! Kids – “Review: SpiritClips”

Yahoo! Kids

Yahoo! Kids

“Watch ‘The Little Frog,’ one of the kid-friendly shorts from SpiritClips.

On Yahoo! Kids this week, we’re featuring a charming animated short film, “The Little Frog,” provided by SpiritClips, a creative alternative to traditional ecard sites. Instead of sending static or animated ecards, SpiritClips lets you send theatrical-quality short films as personalized “FilmCards.”  Each FilmCard is ad-free and recipients can watch them full-screen.

Sending a FilmCard costs $2.99 per recipient–but the real value comes with premium membership.  For $20 a year, members can send unlimited FilmCards and view all SpiritClip films in its big-screen theater. Other membership benefits include an address book, the ability to upload images to personalize cards and community features.

The brainchild of Academy Award-winning producer Rob Fried (whose films include the touching classic “Rudy”), SpiritClips’ mission is to create “high-quality, inspirational content that can be watched, felt, and shared worldwide.”

I viewed several previews of SpiritClip films. They’re definitely head-and-shoulders above most Web-based shorts–heartwarming, with meaningful messages and just the ticket for this Valentine season.”

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