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Happy Easter from SpiritClips

Easter is so many things. For some it’s a time to rest, for others a time to play. There’s cooking and family and baskets full of candies and bunnies. The stores are filled with pastels and spring has sprung. There are so many glorious traditions as we remember and give thanks for all we’ve been given. The future feels a bit brighter and the past gives us strength. And so we give thanks to all of you…from your friends at SpiritClips from Hallmark family. Happy Easter!

Why Is Your Dog AWESOME? Enter The Contest!

Woof woof!

It’s contest time!  Why?  Because we’re excited to celebrate our upcoming release of “Smokey”, a SpiritClips Original premiering April 19th.  What makes Smokey special to us is the fact that we’ve never worked with animals before.  In the film, Smokey is a one-of-a-kind Sable Border Collie who puts his life on the line to save his owner from a ferocious wolf attack.  Here’s a little inside scoop…the crew had to be very quiet and still because the wolf wasn’t the friendliest guy around!


Okay, so what’s this contest all about?  We’d love for you to share photos of your own awesome dogs!  No, they don’t have to be saving you from wolves to be awesome. They just have to be having fun, making cute faces, playing with toys, getting into mischief, or even sleeping on their back with all four paws up in the air like one of ours at SpiritClips likes to do.  Who knows, your photo might win the grand prize  – a $250 Petco gift card! And there are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prize winners, too.  Best of all, every winner gets a one year free subscription to SpiritClips!

So enter the “Why Is Your Dog AWESOME?” contest today!  You’ll find it below and at

Ready, set, bark!


Happy Passover from SpiritClips

The eight-day festival of Passover begins this Monday at sundown.  Passover commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.  By following the rituals of Passover, Jews all over the world relive and experience the remarkable freedom that their ancestors gained.
Telling stories and remembering the past is such an important part of being human.  It’s how we teach, how we learn, and how we inspire generation after generation.  And the SpiritClips Original Short Film “A Good Deed” is a great example of how remembering the past can make a difference.
Inspired by a true story based on the life of Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, father of Rabbi David Wolpe, “A Good Deed” shows how a simple act of kindness can have a lifelong impact.  The film co-stars Ben Fried, the son of Rob Fried (SpiritClips Founder and CEO) and Nancy Travis (star of ABC’s “Last Man Standing”).
Not only will the ending surprise you, but we guarantee you’ll start thinking about how you can do a good deed for somebody and make a difference in their life too.  We encourage you to share “A Good Deed” with friends and loved ones who are celebrating Passover  – to wish them a Happy Pesach!


Upcoming SpiritClips Release – A Remarkable Story about Smokey the Dog Hero

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our newest SpiritClips! Premiering April 18th, fans will be able to watch the heartwarming story about how a dog named Smokey saves a young girl – available exclusively on SpiritClips – We can’t give away the whole story but we promise that it will be an inspiring one perfect for the whole family to watch :)

In this new film, we explore the special bond between humans and animals. There’s something between the two that is simply undeniable. Loyalty and companionship instantly come to mind – two values cemented in the concepts of family and friendship – and over thousands of years, a relationship of mutual love and protection has been built. Dogs are constantly referred to as man’s best friend (that goes for women too!), which may hint at why over a third of American households own one or more of these fuzzy friends. We have integrated them into our community as seeing-eye dogs, K-9 units and therapy dogs. Don’t even get us started on the countless YouTube videos, posters, books, treats, dog clubs, and special boutiques. The devotion is endless!  So don’t miss out as SpiritClips continues to spread the love with Smokey’s story.

Some fun facts about the making of the film:

  • The dog that stars as Smokey is actually a Sable Border Collie named Dart.  He was Daniel Craig’s dog in the recent Hollywood movie “Cowboys and Aliens”.
  • This was the first time we had worked with live animals.  There were two dogs, a horse, and a wolf!
  • We worked long and hard to get the “No Animals were harmed…” seal of approval from the Humane Society.  There was someone on set everyday to make sure the animals were properly treated and taken care of.
  • Crew members had to remain very still and calm during the scenes with wolves because the wolves were NOT domesticated.

SpiritClips is proud to bring you inspiring stories and entertainment for the whole family through its online movies. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more family-friendly fun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at SpiritClips from Hallmark

“Like the warmth of the sun and the light of the day, may the luck of the Irish shine bright on your way.”

There are so many wonderful Irish sayings and blessings. But why do we only remind ourselves of them on St. Patrick’s Day?  Here’s a thought. How about calling tomorrow – “My Family Day”? This lovely Irish saying can still apply – “May your troubles be less, and your blessing be more, and nothing but happiness, come through your door.” Tuesday might be called “A Perfect Day” and Wednesday could be “My Kids’ Day” and so on and so on.

Because, in the end, everyday is a blessing and deserves to be recognized with a hug, a little laughter, a celebration and, if you’re so inclined, a touch of green for good luck.

And if you’re in the mood for some heartwarming entertainment check out two of our favorite Irish themed movies online – “The Blackwater Lightship” or “The Seventh Stream”.

Clearly, SpiritClips from Hallmark is the best new place to find heartwarming family movies online.

Love Your Neighbor

Now who doesn’t like craft time? Break out the Crayolas, a couple new friends and an inspiring message and you’ve got yourself a good time! “An inspiring message?” you ask. Well yes! Haven’t you heard of the Golden Rule? The Golden Rule is defined as doing unto others as you would want done to yourself. As one child in this clip puts it, “You wouldn’t punch yourself just like you wouldn’t punch your neighbor.” You can’t deny that you already feel a giggle coming on… Don’t suppress it! Watch how cute these kids are as they share what the Golden Rule means to them

Feeling inspired? Wait until you see who was behind all this- investment banker Jeff Sechrest! Here’s a peek at the behind the scenes action and what he had to say about the project:
Feeling inspired? Wait until you see who was behind all this- investment banker Jeff Sechrest! Here’s a peek at the behind the scenes action and what he had to say about the project:

In partnership with Crayola, Spiritclips started a contest for parents and children to create art together, exemplifying what The Golden Rule meant to them. This contest allowed children of all ages to open their minds, let the creative juices flow and collectively contribute to a larger collage of unique art.

Winners of the Crayola contest received a Roku HD streaming video player and a 1 year subscription to SpiritClips from Hallmark!

One winner told us, “This is the best contest ever because the prize give the winners entertainment for years, especially wholesome family entertainment from SpiritClips. There is so little entertainment today that anyone can watch with their children without having to cover there eyes and ears every few minutes.”

Another said “I have heard some really good things about the Roku and SpiritClips. I look forward to hours and hours of good wholesome entertainment!”

Clearly, Hallmark SpiritClips is the best new place to find heartwarming family movies online. We’re excited to see what comes next!