Founded by renowned Movie Producer, Filmmaker and Internet Entrepreneur, Rob Fried, SpiritClips.com is the first and only ad-free, subscription-based online community built around a growing collection of inspirational short films by an Academy-Award winning production team.

It is our mission to spread messages of hope, character and inspiration worldwide through watching, feeling and sharing SpiritClips films, member stories and engaging in community discussions. As an alternative to user-generated video sites, we feel the world needs a place where people can watch an exclusive collection of quality, handcrafted films, and share uplifting messages.

SpiritClips.com is for people who love:

– Watching inspirational films
– Sending inspirational filmcards
– Reading inspirational stories
– Writing, sharing and discussing moving, thought-provoking films, stories, and personal experiences
– Being part of a unique and special community that values quality filmmaking and spreading positive messages of hope, character and inspiration worldwide.

SpiritClips.com was launched in September 2008, and continues to develop new features and functionality that we feel will be beneficial to our community.

SpiritClips.com is based in Los Angeles, CA, and is staffed by a passionate team of filmmakers, as well as digital creative and technology professionals.

2 responses to “About”

  1. Peggy says :

    Just watched and sent the Hubble thing again … And once again, you guys simply amaze me. There are several videos of the Hubble findings making the rounds on the net but none of them have the pre-story. Vunderbar!!!!! And thanks to you all for all of the really wonderful clips. I just luv ya!!!!! Peg

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